Tom Hanks’s World War II film Greyhound will premiere on Apple TV Plus

According tomedia, The New World War II film Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks, will premiere on Apple’s streaming TV service, Apple TV Plus. The Sony-produced film, originally scheduled to hit theaters on Father’s Day, will be the biggest ever released on Apple TV Plus. Apple may have paid nearly $70m after a fierce bidding war among streaming companies for the rights to the film.

Tom Hanks's World War II film Greyhound will premiere on Apple TV Plus

Apple hasn’t set a release date for the film yet, but Deadline says it may soon be released. This will be the first time Tom Hanks’ big-picture film has been released on a streaming service rather than a theater, and the release of Apple TV Plus is due to the ongoing global health crisis, which has affected the release of cinemas. Many U.S. cinemas are still closed at this time, which has led studios to postpone the release dates of several films.

In Greyhound, Hanks plays George Krauss, an officer who was awarded command of the Navy destroyer Greyhound during the Atlantic Battle. Krauss fought self-doubt and his own demons in order to prove that he was a member of the command.

Apple TV Plus currently has a small number of movies, offering “Banker,” “Hara” and “Queen of Elephants. ” But there are other films coming up, including Bill Murray and Lachie Jones’s “On the Rock.”

Apple paid Sony $70 million for 15 years of streaming rights, CNBC reported. Sony has retained the rights to distribute the film in China, so it may be seen in Chinese cinemas. The deal was approved by Hanks because it was the first time one of his films had been streamed directly.