Free upgrade of Cambara Space Program to introduce European Space Agency missions and rockets

The Kambara Space Program (KSP) will receive a new free upgrade in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), bringing world-famous missions and hardware to the physics-based rocket game,media reported. Players will get all the components they need to build their Ariane 5 heavy rocket, follow the steps of ESA’s two flagship missions past and present – the Rosetta Comet Chase mission and Bepicolombo’s ongoing trip to Mercury.

Free upgrade of Cambara Space Program to introduce European Space Agency missions and rockets

In KSP, the player controls a simple green creature race called Kerbals. To explore their solar system, they hope to escape the harsh gravitational bond that binds them to their home, Kerbin.

The Kerbol system mimics our solar system to some extent, but it is in a smaller range and adds quite a few artistic licenses. For example, there is a Mars outside our earth, and outside Kerbals there is a dusty world called Duna. At the same time, the radioactively scorched Mercury has its own barren approximation in the KSP, called Moho.

But to reach other planets requires building rockets. They must be well structured and properly graded in both structural and aerodynamic, and most importantly strong enough to penetrate Kerbin’s dense atmosphere to reach orbit. In addition, solar panels are required.

In the near future, KSP will release a free Shared Horizonupdate update to build its own Ariane 5 heavy rocket by adding all the components needed, which will give the Kerbol system another real-world experience.

The European-made Ariane 5 has been well suited to ESA’s launch needs since its first launch in 1996 and has been successfully launched more than 100 times to date. The Ariane 5 rocket can lift off 50.5 meters above the launch pad and is powered by a cryogenic core stage with a V-elycain motive and two giant tied solid fuel boosters.

Of course, KSP players are also free to use Ariane’s components to build their own rockets.

Free upgrade of Cambara Space Program to introduce European Space Agency missions and rockets

The update will also allow players to play through esA past and present scenarios. The first scene is based on the world-famous Rosetta/Philae comet chase mission. Launched in 2004, the Rosetta spacecraft took about a decade to cross the solar system, becoming the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet orbiting the sun. Once in orbit, Rosetta and its Little Philae lander were able to capture stunning images and data.

The second scenario revolves around the current BepiColombo Mercury mission. Although launched as a unit, the mission is actually made up of two orbiters that will study the mysterious planet. When the probe arrives, there will be a lot of scientific work to do, including mapping Mercury’s barren surface, detecting Mercury’s chemical composition and internal structure, and examining the dynamics of Mercury’s magnetosphere.

As players progress in these scenarios, they will be asked to obtain large amounts of scientific data based on the actual tasks of the Rosetta and Bepicolombo missions.

Finally, the upgrade will allow players to walk through the solar system in ESA’s spacesuits and learn orbital mechanics.

It is reported that this update will be released on the PC side on July 1, later this year will be in the major game console platform line.