Microsoft announces new version of Edge browser within weeks

At today’s Build 2020 online developer conference, Microsoft introduced a lot about The Edge browser. But what we’re most concerned about is that the software giant is finally pushing the Edge browser to the public in a few weeks. In fact, as early as January this year, the Edge development team announced “full availability” and promised a “slow rollout”, not expecting a few months.

Microsoft announces new version of Edge browser within weeks

Users finally get a chance to experience The Edge Stable

In February, Microsoft began pushing Edge browsers to Windows Insider testers for the Release Preview channel. However, no one else has received this update except the public user.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the blog post, the formal version of Edge appears to be released as part of the May update (developers have taken the lead and will arrive later this month).

Users are expected to receive a push from the new Edge browser through Windows Update, along with a range of new features. For example, favorites are deeply integrated with Pinterest to save network pictures, text, and links in groups.

Users can see The Pinterest recommendation at the bottom of their favorites and support the export of collections to this service, allowing Edge Insider testers to get the first look next month.

In addition, the sidebar offers new search options that not only reduce the hassle of creating new tabs (tabs), but also display search results directly in the sidebar, which is also scheduled to be pushed to Edge Insider testers in the coming weeks.

Improvements to the Bing search experience complement the Edge browser, and this time is no exception. For example, when you log in with your work account, you’ll have a new “work” page in addition to the images, shopping, news, and other tags.

The idea is to find the internal areas of your organization through Windows Search to retrieve related files, people, and resources in your internal site. Integration with Power BI will arrive at the end of June.

Finally, Microsoft released a preview of WebView2. As part of the Project Reunion project, it aims to unify Win32 and UWP applications.

Instead of the initial EdgeHTML WebView, developers can integrate Chromium-based WebView2 into their app.