Tesla’s domestic sales plunged 60% in April, angering car owners with multiple price increases in January

Tesla has made headlines recently, but the reason is that frequent lying the price of the model, resulting in early car owners to lose money, by the old owners angry tear Tesla in the “cut vegetables.” But Tesla, which has always been my best, will certainly not stop the price-adjusting approach, except that this time Tesla has been “educated”.

Domestic Sales of the Tesla Model 3 in April were 3,635, down 64.2% month-on-month, according to the latest statistics from the Association. Tesla’s sales plunged more than 60% month-on-month in April from March’s sales of 10,160 vehicles, literally falling from heaven to hell.

Tesla's domestic sales plunged 60% in April, angering car owners with multiple price increases in January

Some industry analysts said that since the domesticization, by the subsidy policy changes and other impacts, the price of the domestic Tesla Model 3 changed many times, and even in the short term after the price increase.

The volatile pricing system has disrupted investors’ buying plans, partly blocking consumer enthusiasm, and Tesla needs to develop a more appropriate price management system in China.

It is reported that the previous four ministries jointly issued the new subsidy rules require that the new energy passenger car subsidy before the sale price of less than 300,000 yuan (including 300,000 yuan). But on April 24th, Tesla raised the price of its standard and long-range Model 3s by $4,500 and $5,000, respectively. This series of enigmatic operations also looks to the car ring of the industry’s big wigs.

However, on May 1st, Tesla announced that it would cut the starting price of the Model 3 standard life-plus version to less than 300,000 yuan, with a subsidy price of 271.55 million yuan, and announced that the long-range version would not be adjusted.

But to everyone’s surprise, Tesla soon broke back. May 14 (UPI) — Tesla today announced a second cut in sales of domestic electric cars this month.

The price reduction applies to the domestic long-range Model 3, with a price drop of RMB22,500. Since the end of the subsidy transition period on July 22, car owners will still buy the long-range version of the domestic Model 3 at a subsidized price of 344,050 yuan.

In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter yesterday that the company’s all-autopilot kit (FSD) will increase by $1,000 (about 7,000 yuan) from July 1.

At present, the optional price of Tesla’s FSD is $7,000, which will reach $8,000 (about 56,000 yuan).

Predictably, Tesla’s price-to-price path is still on the way. In this borrowed netizen’s tone: “Since dare to buy Tesla, you have to have to do leeks of the idea of preparation.” “