Video shows Boston-powered robot dog Spot can shepherd sheep like a herder

A new video shows Spot, a four-legged robot dog at Boston Dynamics, doing well in herding herds, according tomedia CNET. In a new video released Tuesday by robotics software company Rocos, Spot is seen roaming the grasslands of New Zealand, “showing off” its shepherding skills to a flock of sheep.

Video shows Boston-powered robot dog Spot can shepherd sheep like a herder

Rocos’ video shows the progress of robot Spot in precision agriculture, such as helping Spot make progress without human supervision, such as domesticating sheep without human supervision. “Robots like Boston Dynamics’ Spot can improve the accuracy of production estimates, relieve the pressure of worker shortages, and create precision agriculture,” Rocos wrote in his YouTube video description.

In the video, Spot walks through an orchard, through difficult terrain such as rocky hills, crosses a one-wood bridge, and ends up grazing sheep — all through its infrared cameras, real-time mapping technology and advanced sensors. Rocos notes in the video that the company plans to create a computerized system that can remotely manage several Spot dog dogs. This will allow these robot dog men to operate independently, which will free up time for humans to manage large pastures and farms.

Rocos and Boston Dynamics did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Boston Dynamics’ robots have helped doctors assess coronavirus patients, reminded people to keep their social distance in the park, and even pulled former MythBusters host Adam Savage around in rickshaws.

To be sure, robot grazing of livestock is not entirely new. Back in 2013, robotics researchers from Sydney, Australia, tested a real-life robot herder called Rover that successfully drove herds from the fields to a nearby dairy farm.