Facebook limits office usage to no more than 25% must wear masks

Beijing time on the morning of May 20, according tomedia reports, according to people familiar with the matter, in July this year to allow employees to resume working hours, Facebook will limit the use of offices of no more than 25%, and require employees to carry out multi-shift work, while requiring employees to undergo a temperature check. The social media giant has outlined its plans to return to work with employees around the world, who will begin returning to the office from July 6 this year.

Facebook limits office usage to no more than 25% must wear masks

Facebook will also limit the number of people in the conference room, keeping a distance of 6 feet between each station, and replacing the buffet with takeaway meals. In addition, the in-house gym will be closed in the early stages of the office’s reopening. The company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, will also decline outside visitors at the site of the resumption of work.

Employees must wear masks when not being able to maintain sufficient social distance. In some offices, employees are required to wear masks at all times during work. Facebook has no plans to test its employees for the COVID-19 virus, but sources said the company did not rule out testing them after production of kits increased.

Facebook will also look for ways to keep its social distance on the shuttle, with many Facebook employees working in Bay Area offices commuting to and from work on the company bus. But the company declined to say what the plan would be.

In early March, companies including Facebook, Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Inc. closed their offices to allow employees to return home to escape the outbreak.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that employees who can work remotely from home could stay remote until the end of 2020. Some of the company’s largest offices are scheduled to reopen in early July, while in smaller offices, such as those in Asia, employees are back to work earlier.

Not all employees have the conditions for telecommuting. Those in charge of hardware, operations and other work will return to the office, the sources said. The move comes after the Bay Area’s local government relaxed a restraining order allowing employees who cannot work from home to return to work. Facebook will ask some hardware employees to return to the office by July 6, the sources said, and the company will respect the individual wishes of employees and the latest local policies and regulations.

Facebook has previously cancelled all events up to 2021. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, has previously said he doesn’t want employees who can work from home to compete for public infrastructure, such as buses and subways, and those who can’t work from home.

Twitter has previously told employees they can work remotely “forever.” Amazon, on the other hand, said employees would return to work in October. Apple told employees that it would move employees back to the office in stages starting in late May or early June.