Warm You With Jukri: Google’s New Doodle Celebrates ‘The Sound of Hawaii’ 61

According tomedia reports, the name Israel Kamakawiwo ole may not be familiar with, but his music has been spread around the world. The Native Hawaiian – better known as Iz – is a musician, singer and composer who injected a warm melody into the much-loved classic with TheOdor Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World.

Israel Kamakawi woole, a cheerful version that has appeared in several films, TV shows and commercials, has influenced Hawaii’s music so much that it is known as “The Sound of Hawaii”.

Warm You With Jukri: Google's New Doodle Celebrates 'The Sound of Hawaii' 61

On Wednesday, local time, to celebrate Asia-Pacific American Heritage Month, the Google Doodle team created a new animated video doodle to celebrate his 61st birthday. The graffiti was created by the Kamakawiwoole family in collaboration with Hawaiian visiting artist Dalani Tanahy of Kapa.

Warm You With Jukri: Google's New Doodle Celebrates 'The Sound of Hawaii' 61

Born in Honolulu on May 20, 1959, Kamakawiwo ole began playing the four-string edges with his siblings at the age of 11. In 1976, when many Hawaiians rediscovered their language and culture, the teenage lz and his brother and three friends formed the Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau band, playing music that blended modernity with traditional styles. Later, they toured Hawaii and the continental United States and released 15 successful albums.

One night in 1988, in an impromptu recording, lz first recorded his own version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Five years later, the singer played the song for a record producer, who later decided to include it on lz’s album, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” / What’s Wonderful a World.

Subsequently, the song became internationally popular, in 2004 in the Billboard Hot Digital Music Chart, and appeared in the soundtrack of films such as “Sixth Sense of Life and Death,” “Finding Frost” and “Fifty First Love.”

In 1997, at the age of 38, lz died of a weight-related illness.