What are the chances of intelligent life on planets beyond Earth?

David Kipping, an associate professor of astronomy at Columbia University, published a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences exploring the chances of intelligent life on planets beyond Earth, citing hard and non-hard data, according tomedia BGR. “The rapid emergence of life and the late evolution of humans is, of course, suggestive in terms of the evolutionary timeline,” Kipping said in a statement. “But in this study, we can actually quantify what the facts tell us. “

What are the chances of intelligent life on planets beyond Earth?

With regard to life in the universe, he proposed four possible realities. Life is common, intelligent life is almost as common; life is common, but intelligent life is not common; life is rare, but it usually produces intelligent life; life is rare and rarely produces intelligent life.

“This technique is similar to betting odds,” Kipping explains. “It encourages retesting of new evidence with your position, which is essentially a positive feedback loop that refines your estimate of the likelihood of an event.” “In the study, Kipping compared these different possibilities with a formula based on our current understanding of how life came about and the conditions in which intelligent life is produced.

Kipping argues that the chances of life in other parts of the universe are actually quite high. Assuming that Earth-like planets (rocks, temperate, wet) are common, Kipping says the chance sexist in some form is at least 9:1. On the other hand, the possibility of intelligent life is not very high. According to his calculations, Kipping puts the probability of intelligent life at about 3:2.

“Analysis does not provide certainty or assurance, it can only provide statistical probabilities based on what happens on Earth,” Kipping said. “It is encouraging, however, that a universe full of life has emerged as a case full of life and has become the most popular bet. The idea of finding intelligent life in a world beyond Earth should never be stopped. “