The Netflix live-action TV version of “King of the Sea” has been completed, and the production scale is huge.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would release a live version of the famous “King of the Sea” with a total of 10 episodes in its first season. It will be created in collaboration with Tomorrow’s Studios (Jailbreak, the dramatic version of “Snow country train”), with a total of 10 episodes in the first season. It is reported that the live version of “King of the Sea Thieves” as early as 2017 has been announced production, the author of Theichiro Owada as a supervisor, the actor selection will be in the follow-up to the public.

Network graphic non-dramatic photo

“We had planned to start filming in Cape Town, South Africa, in August, and now expect to shoot by September at the latest,” Marty Adelstein, who is in charge of the production, said recently, according tomedia Comicbook. We’ve basically finished the 10-episode script and we’ll be ready to pick the corner when we get back, and I’ll start on June 1st. Now that we have a lot of candidates, the show is expected to start production in September, and the production will be very large rife, much larger than the TV version of “Snow country Train.”

Judging by Marty Adelstein’s words, the producer seems confident in the live version of The Sea Thieves, but it remains to be seen how the quality of the live version will be, given hollywood’s changing standards for classic days in the past.