Nasa’s head of human exploration says he’s announced just days before launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft

It is only a few days since NASA launched its first manned spacecraft from the U.S. mainland since the space shuttle era,media BGR reported. It will be a historic event, and SpaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft will carry two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, which, if all goes well, will reach the end of the commercial crew program. But Doug Loverro, NASA’s director of human exploration, resigned just days before the launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft, resigning as deputy director of the Mission for Exploration and Operations.

Nasa's head of human exploration says he's announced just days before launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft

The launch of spaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft is currently scheduled for May 27. This is less than a week left. Loverro and his direct reports are key players in all this. But why did Loverro choose to leave at this time, and is it related to next week’s launch?

The Washington Post reported that Loverro sent an e-mail to several NASA executives explaining his decision vaguely. Mr Loverro said he took “a risk earlier this year because I decided it was necessary to accomplish our task”. Now, as time goes on, it is clear that my choice is clearly wrong and that I must bear the consequences alone. “

Loverro claims his claim sits unrelated to the commercial crew plan. “It has nothing to do with the commercial occupant scheme,” he said. “This has to do with the rapid progress of the Artemis program, and I don’t want to characterize it in more detail on that basis.” “Under the Trump administration’s directive, NASA will need to achieve the “Artemis” moon landing program by 2024.

SpaceX’s launch will go ahead as planned, but it’s unclear what the long-term impact of Loverro’s departure will be. Ken Bowersox, who served as Loverro’s deputy, will take over from Loverro during this period.