NASA is paying to recruit members of the Mars simulation module: eight months off

It is clear that the trip to Mars will be a long journey, and it is a thorny question for humans to deal with life that has been locked in a narrow spaceship for months on end,media reported. In response, NASA decided to hire some suitable people to spend eight months in a small simulated spacecraft. The experiment will take place in Moscow, Russia, after a similar experiment, when a team of six people lived in the same place for four months.

NASA is paying to recruit members of the Mars simulation module: eight months off

Astronauts will spend eight months in the simulated capsule, where scientists will study the effects of prolonged confinement on the human body.

One might ask why such an experiment should be done, especially given that NASA has sent many people to the International Space Station and lived there for a long time. The answer is simple: the space station may be bigger than you think.

It is understood that the space station has for leisure, rest, scientific research and other modules and regions. But the first travelers to venture to Mars will experience a completely different experience, and although they won’t be locked in their seats for eight months, they won’t have the freedom to be astronauts on the International Space Station.

According to documents released by NASA, applicants need to be between 30 and 55 U.S. citizens and be fluent in both English and Russian, as well as master’s, Doctor of The Age, M.D., or military officer training. However, some persons with only a bachelor’s degree or other specific qualifications (e.g. related additional education, military or professional experience) may also be accepted.

NASA did not say how much it would pay to the finalists, but the amount it promised would depend on whether the participants had a relationship with NASA or whether they were NASA employees or contractors.