Foreign media: smartphone screen prices are falling, including OLED screens

According tomedia reports, the price of OLED and LCD screens used in smartphones is falling as demand falls. Media are citing industry chain sources, reported that the price of screens used in smartphones is falling. The source said major brands of smartphone makers had adjusted their demand for panels as a result of the outbreak, leading to a decline in the prices of LCD and OLED screens used in smartphones in May.

Media: smartphone screen prices are falling, including OLED screens

Media said in the report that the recent decline in screen prices for entry-level smartphones has been more pronounced, with most entry-level smartphone makers in India now producing 30 per cent less capacity than normal.

In addition, some handset makers have delayed the release of their new smartphones and shortened the life of older models, leading to a reduction in current demand for smartphone screens.

On the demand for smartphones, data from the consultancy show that 253m smartphones were shipped globally in the first quarter, down 16.8 per cent year-on-year, and are expected to be worse off in the second quarter, with a 26 per cent year-on-year decline, which is bound to lead to a reduction in demand for screens from smartphone makers, which in turn will affect screen prices.