Electric cars can also drive themselves abroad Tesla: will open the Shanghai-London charging line

At present, electric vehicles due to the existence of battery life is not as good as fuel vehicles, and charging inconvenience and other objective reasons, resulting in people travel long distance, the general choice of fuel models. This also limits the popularity of electric vehicles to some extent. On the other hand, compared to the short range, charging inconvenience for electric vehicles when travel ingress ingested more obstacles.

To that end, Tesla has come up with a solution that will lead to a major project that would make it possible to drive an electric car for a global self-drive tour.

May 21 (UPI) — Tesla will accelerate its push for higher density, more-adapted, and more technologically advanced charging systems, according to Tesla.

In 2020, Tesla plans to lay out more than 4,000 super charging piles in China, twice the total amount built over the past five years, and is expected to open the Chinese portion of the Shanghai-London charging line, making it possible for electric vehicles to travel across borders.

At the same time, Tesla plans to begin promoting the popularity of v3 super charging piles in the second quarter to create a more efficient charging system for Chinese consumers.

It is reported that Tesla’s first V3 super charging pile in China, landing in Shanghai Jinqiao super charging station. Its maximum charging power of 250KW, performance than the current widely used V2 super charging pile doubled (currently V2 super-charge pile power is about 120KW).

More intuitively, in the case of the Tesla Model 3 long-range model, for example, at peak power, the five-minute charge can increase its range by about 120 kilometers, ideally reducing the average user’s charging time by about 50%.

At present, Tesla’s super charging network has covered more than 140 cities across the country, the number of super charging stations operating more than 300, a total of more than 2,200 super charging piles and more than 2,100 destination charging piles.

Electric cars can also drive themselves abroad Tesla: will open the Shanghai-London charging line