Tesla Fremont plant sells less than 55,000 electric cars in second quarter

After more than a month of shutdowns, Tesla’s assembly plant in Fremont has been allowed to reopen after meeting requirements, but production of electric vehicles at the plant in the second quarter may not exceed 55,000. Before the Shanghai Super plant went into operation late last year, the Fremont plant was Tesla’s only assembly plant, with the highest production of 96,155 units per quarter, an average of 32,050 units per month and an average of about 1,045 vehicles per day.

Tesla Fremont plant sells less than 55,000 electric cars in second quarter

The Fremont assembly plant, which was suspended after the end of March 23, was forced to open on May 9 for a total of 46 days.

Inmedia reports, they revealed that Tesla had resumed production of electric vehicles after it opened on May 9, and the health department in Alameda County, where the plant is located, had asked Tesla to stop making electric vehicles and maintain basic operations. After meeting with Tesla, Alameda County agreed to open the Fremont plant as soon as this week, while meeting the requirements.

Production of electric cars at Tesla’s Fremont plant will suffer in the second quarter, regardless of whether it continues to produce electric vehicles after it forced the plant to open on May 9.

Even with the resumption of production of electric vehicles on May 9, Tesla’s Fremont plant has only 53 days to produce electric cars in the second quarter, about 55,000 electric vehicles in the month before the Shanghai super plant went into production.

In previous reports,media have mentioned that Tesla only produces hundreds of electric cars a day after forcing the opening of the Fremont plant, and that it will take some time for production to return to pre-discontinuation levels, so even if production is resumed at this stage, the average daily production is not expected to exceed 1,000.

Although Tesla upgraded its Fremont plant during the shutdown, and production efficiency is expected to improve, the upgrade will take some time to reach its maximum capacity, so the final second quarter capacity may not exceed 55,000 vehicles.