New Xbox X National Line debuts on Microsoft’s official website: The strongest consoles are on the show

Microsoft’s China website has given the Xbox Series X a boost, which also bodes well for the new console. As recently as it gets, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has been unveiled on its mainland China website, and it looks like there is a good chance that the Xbox Series X will be synchronized with the world. The new Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful Xbox console ever, according to Microsoft’s website.

New Xbox X National Line debuts on Microsoft's official website: The strongest consoles are on the show

In interviews, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter and former Microsoft executive Peter Moore said the new Xbox X console is likely to be available for $400 ( about $2,850), according tomedia reports.

Microsoft is smart to wait for Sony to move, the report said. Sources say Sony will set the PS5 at $500, while Microsoft has a huge ‘balance sheet’ and they will do so if they want to cut prices by $100 and subsidize $10m to cut prices.

Earlier, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox director, said in an interview with IGNUnlock, “We’ve got incredible support from Microsoft, and they’re closely linked to our plan to ensure we’re flexible in pricing and a good pre-release plan.” And Jason Ronald, the Xbox team’s project management co-director, has spoken in agreement in recent days.

Notably, last week Microsoft announced that more than 140 studios are developing games for Xbox Series X, and hundreds are already under development. These studios include EA, 2K, Remedy, Tencent, Activision, Blizzard, Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Deep Silver, CI Games, CDPR, Amazon, Ubisoft, Ubisoft, Can FLy, Sega, THQ, PUBG, P, Techland, etc.