Redmi 10X Real Machine Appearance: First MediaTek Sky820 and 3.5mm Headphone Hole

May 22 news, Redmi product director Wang Teng sun out of the Redmi 10X warm-up poster, some netizens found Wang Teng table with Redmi 10X real machine. As shown in the figure, the Redmi 10X retains a 3.5mm headphone hole, and miUI Vientiane shows that it uses an OLED screen that supports screen fingerprint recognition.

Previously, it was revealed that the Redmi 10X uses a drop screen, which is Redmi’s first drop screen 5G phone this year.

Redmi 10X Real Machine Appearance: First MediaTek Sky820 and 3.5mm Headphone Hole

Core configuration, it uses a 6.57-inch display, resolution of 2400 x 1080, equipped with MediaTek Tianyi 820 chip, equipped with up to 8GB of memory plus 256GB of storage, front 16 megapixels, battery capacity of 4420mAh.

The MediaTek Skyx 820 is the redmi 10X’s debut, and the 5G Soc is built on a 7nm process that officially integrates the world’s top 5G modem, flagship multi-core CPU architecture and energy-efficient independent AI processor APU 3.0.

Specifically, MediaTek Skye 820 consists of 4 x Cortex A76 2.6GHz plus 4 x Cortex A55 2.0GHz, GPU Mali-G57 MC5, supports 5G dual carrier aggregation, 5G plus 5G dual-card dual-wait, SA, NSA dual-mode 5G.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of Redmi brand, said that whether a mobile phone processor is powerful or not, the core frequency is an important indicator, the higher the core frequency, the stronger the performance.

The Redmi 10X debuted with the 820, and the CPU consists of four A76 cores and four A55 nucleuss, which, by analogy, are like an oversized cup of coffee, and the main frequency is equivalent to the energy in it. The CPU core of the Sky 820 is equal to a full-packed super-sized cup, which not only performs super, but also surpasses its peers. The aircraft will be released on May 26.