Platinum Studios head says he’s not interested in being acquired by Microsoft

Since 2018, Microsoft has stepped up its acquisition of gaming studios to expand its dominant gaming appeal, and rumors have emerged that Microsoft will acquire Platinum Studios, which specializes in Japanese action game development. In a recent media interview, the head of Platinum Studios responded by saying he was not interested in Microsoft’s acquisition.

Platinum Studios head says he's not interested in being acquired by Microsoft

In an interview with VGC, platinum studio head Dai Ye-chi confirmed that he had also heard rumors that Microsoft wanted to buy them, but that was not the case at all. “We’re not Microsoft, so we don’t know what they’re planning internally, we don’t know if Microsoft is considering a takeover. “

When reporters continued to ask about the possibility of a takeover by Microsoft, Mr. Rice said he was not sure if Platinum Studios was interested in the acquisition. “We haven’t had any similar discussions, but I think even if a takeover is possible, we’re moving towards a more independent, independent distribution now, ” he said. That doesn’t mean we’re not interested in Microsoft, but if we work under their guidance, I think it’s going to be the opposite of what we’re doing right now and limit our possibilities. Any opportunity to limit our freedom, I think we will oppose it. “

As a good japanese action game research and development developers, Platinum Studio through several years of efforts, has accumulated multi-platform development experience and good relationship with hardware manufacturers. It’s not hard to see from the recent self-release plans that the studio’s ambitions will not be confined to one platform. The just-released Magic 101 remake is just the beginning, and after getting a capital injection from Tencent, money is clearly no longer a problem. And the Xbox One exclusive game “Dragon Scale” with Microsoft didn’t seem to be happy.

Platinum Studios head says he's not interested in being acquired by Microsoft

Platinum Studios is currently developing “Angel Hunt 3” for Switch, the new game GG program and Square Enix’s Babylonian Fall.