Apple AR glasses are called Apple Glass? And the Jobs Memorial?

On the morning of May 22, network whistleblower Jon Prosser said Apple was developing a limited edition version of its AR augmented reality smart glasses, which looklike round, frameless glasses worn by the late founder Steve Jobs. But a Bloomberg reporter described the news as fictitious.

Apple AR glasses are called Apple Glass? And the Jobs Memorial?

Jon Prosser, who heads YouTube show Front Page Tech, has been sharing apple rumors in recent weeks, as he mentions in his latest podcast onmedia Cult of Mac.

Jon Prosser says Apple’s “Apple Glass” smart glasses, which are being developed, have a “Steve Jobs legacy” that is positioned in a similar way to the gold version of the original Apple Watch (i.e., the promotional significance outweighs the actual value of use).

According to him, Apple’s first smart glasses will be available in a variety of styles, including the Heritage Edition, which is positioned as a time-limited special. But he said he didn’t know what material the limited version would use or what level of pricing it would be.

Prosser also said he had seen a regular version of the smart glasses (an unqualified version) and said it resembled a pair of classic LePen glasses or glasses worn by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple AR glasses are called Apple Glass? And the Jobs Memorial?

Le Pen glasses

He describes Apple’s products as using a special display technology. They “look like real glasses” and are not everywhere”scamera and anything else. At the time of release, the Apple Eyeglass will be similar to the original Apple Watch, which will initially be simple, but will evolve over time.

Earlier this week, Prosser claimed that Apple’s smart glasses would be called “Apple Glass,” even though Google had used the name Glass a few years ago. The glasses reportedly start at $499 and are available at an additional cost if prescription lenses (nearsighted lenses with degrees) are required.

Mr Prosser said Apple was planning to launch the glasses at the iPhone launch in the fall, which was a “surprise” but could be delayed until March 2021 because of the global impact of the outbreak.

Notably, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman called all of Prosser’s revelations about Apple’s smart glasses a “fiction”, tweeting: ‘Do I need to say that this (and other apple AR glasses) over the past week is completely fictitious?

Apple AR glasses are called Apple Glass? And the Jobs Memorial?

Mark Gurman thinks Jon’s revelations are.

Mr. Gurman, a veteran Bloomberg reporter, has already made some revelations about Apple’s unreleased new products, but this time, it seems that the news about Apple’s glasses is not entirely consistent.