Facebook unveils new security feature to help Indian women easily lock accounts

Facebook has launched a new security feature in India that allows users to easily lock their accounts, making it impossible for people who are not friends on the platform to view their posts or zoom in and download their profile pictures and cover photos,media outlet TechCrunch reported.

Facebook unveils new security feature to help Indian women easily lock accounts

The company says the feature is especially aimed at female users, giving them more control over their Facebook experience. “We are well aware of the concerns of the people of India, especially women, about protecting their online personal data,” Ankhi Das, public policy director at Facebook India, said in a statement.

The company says locking your profile uses multiple existing privacy settings and several new measures to lock users’ Facebook profiles with just a few clicks. Once users lock up their accounts, people who are not friends will no longer be able to see photos and posts, and zoom in, share and download profile and cover photos.

“We often hear young girls say they hesitate to share their information online, for fear of being misused and for being stolen. I’m glad to see that Facebook is trying to understand their concerns and create products that give them the experience they want. The new security features will provide women, especially young girls, with a chance to express themselves freely. Ranjana Kumari, director of the Social Research Center for women’s rights groups based in New Delhi, said in a statement.

Users can lock their account by clicking “More” under their name, then clicking on the “Lock Profile” button and the confirmation button prompted later.

Before Thursday’s announcement, a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch that users in Bangladesh could use the feature.

The new feature appears to be an extension of Facebook’s similar efforts in India in 2017 to combat “catfishing.” The feature, called Profile Picture Guard, allows users to protect their profile pictures from being amplified and shared by friends and people who are not in their friends list.