Denmark announces plans to build two wind energy “islands” by 2030

Media reported that governments around the world are increasing the use of renewable energy, but some countries have done better than others in this regard. Denmark has always been part of the former – in fact, the country has repeatedly made headlines for meeting its citizens’ energy needs entirely through renewable energy.

The Nordic country, however, is reluctant to stop. Denmark’s finance ministry on Thursday announced an ambitious new plan to boost its wind power capacity. Denmark will build two “energy islands” dedicated to clean energy facilities, not just a few more wind turbines here and there. The Danish government says the islands could provide up to 4GW of offshore wind, “more than twice the amount” the country currently generates. It’s only a short-term thing —- these islands could provide up to 10GW of wind energy in the future.

Of course, Denmark has given itself plenty of time to build the islands: the current plan is 2030, but it will be extended or shortened if things don’t go according to plan (or if things go particularly well).

In addition to the energy island’s “new era”, Denmark wants to push ahead with more clean energy initiatives. These initiatives will include government-led overall investment in green energy, a transition to the green waste use sector (and the promotion of recycling), an attempt to ensure Danes’ “environmental zeal” and improved green energy efficiency.