A common antihypertensive drug is expected to be used to save the lives of new crown patients

No matter how contagious the new coronavirus is, doctors will have a completely different treatment if it does not lead to life-threatening complications,media BGR reported. Vaccines and antibody drugs developed specifically to speed recovery can help, but before new drugs are available, doctors are trying to find ways to use drugs already available to prevent life-threatening complications. Several studies have shown that existing drugs can be used in COVID-19 cases with significant results. Redcivir, a combination of anti-HIV drugs, and blood thinners are just some of the drug types that can be used to treat PATIENTs with COVID-19. Among them, the use of blood thinner is a notable bright spot, because it can prevent blood clotting, reduce the occurrence of complications.

Researchers now believe that using a common antihypertensive drug can prevent inflammatory syndrome in patients with coronaviruses, which can lead to death, but human trials are needed to study its efficacy.

A common antihypertensive drug is expected to be used to save the lives of new crown patients

In a new paper, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center explain that a drug called Prazosin could be used to prevent an increased immune response, called cytokine storm syndrome, in patients with COVID-19.

These cytokine storms reduce the lungs’ ability to participate in gas exchange, which can then lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). ARDS patients will need ventilation and they are often at risk of death. The researchers hope to prevent ARDS complications and save lives by stopping cytokine storms.

“Preliminary results from a recent retrospective clinical study show that for hospitalized patients diagnosed with pneumonia or acute respiratory distress, the likelihood of mechanical ventilation and death is significantly reduced if the patient is taking anti-1-AR antagonists within one year of hospitalization. The researchers wrote.

Prazosin is an example of an tagline of 1-AR (alpha-1 epinephrine receptor) antagonist, in addition to which it is used to treat diseases such as blood pressure and prostate hyperplasia. The drug costs $25 a month and has been used by millions of people in the United States over the past 20 years.

“Prospective clinical trials are needed in high-risk patients to assess the effectiveness of anti-AR antagonists in the prevention – rather than treatment -COVID-19 (cytokine storm),” the researchers explained. “We emphasize that the broad experience of using radon in other indications should prioritize — not exclude — rigorous, controlled clinical studies, rather than blindly using non-specimens in patients exposed to or infected with SARS-CoV2. Such trials can be carried out quickly in areas with high infection rates and hospitals unable to afford them. “

The researchers have been conducting clinical trials at multiple institutions, and when approved by Johns Hopkins University’s Internal Review Board, their plans will be published on the link. The drug may be used to reduce the risk of death from other diseases that may cause ARDS, not just from COVID-19.