Easier to break down: Dutch company develops a plant-based plastic selling product

Plastics is both one of man’s greatest inventions and one of the most embarrassing failures, according tomedia. Plastics are everywhere, and that’s the problem. They appear not only in people’s homes but also in the bushes outside, or drifting along nearby rivers, or piling up in the ocean. The biggest problem with this material is that it can exist for a long, long time.

Easier to break down: Dutch company develops a plant-based plastic selling product


They are durable and inexpensive, ideal for everyday use, but people are not good at tracking them. Now, a new plant-based alternative could make things better, while preventing more plastic waste from piling up in landfills and overseas.

Dutch company Avantium has developed a plastic product made from plant sugar. We know that most plastics are made of crude oil or natural gas, and both fossil fuels have their drawbacks. Avantium believes that its plant plastic bottles can be a direct substitute for plastic bottles, and that they also have great environmental benefits.

It is understood that the bottle can be completely degraded by compost within a year, if discarded in the natural environment can also take several years to complete the degradation. In fact, this has caught the attention of Carlsberg, who is understood to be planning to use the plant material as a cushion inside the cardboard beer bottle.

Avantium also says its plant plastics are strong enough to withstand the pressure of carbonated drinks, opening the door to soda and other carbonated beverages. The project has also caught the attention of Coca-Cola.

Of course, a complete change in a world already dominated by plastics will be a challenge. While a company’s offer of an appropriate alternative is not enough to turn things around, it is a start. We’ve seen the devastating effects of plastics on the environment, so it’s time to take action.