VW: Fears of golf’s new racially discriminatory ad

In recent days, the public posted an ad on Instagram that was criticized for being racist,media reported. This sparked a public outcry, and the public later formally apologized. It is understood that the public release of this advertising product is the eighth generation of golf sold in Germany. In the ad, a black man near a golf ball is ejected by a white man and eventually pushes him into a cafe called Petit Colon.

It is reported that the name can be understood as colonialist meaning.

VW: Fears of golf's new racially discriminatory ad

Although VW initially did not admit any wrongdoing and said it was shocked and surprised by VW’s reaction, the company later issued a new statement apologizing for the ad. Jurgen Stackmann, Volkswagen’s board member for sales and marketing, issued a statement in German on Twitter: “We understand the public’s anger at this. Because we’re freaked out, too. This video is an insult to all the achievements of the civil rights movement. It’s an insult to every decent person. “

He also stressed that the carmaker was acutely aware of its establishment under the Nazi regime. Under Adolf Hitler, Volkswagen used forced labour. “That’s why we stand firmly against all forms of hatred, defamation/propaganda and discrimination,” he said.