Microsoft Announces Open Source GW-BASIC Interpreter

In 1983, Microsoft released GW-BASIC for IBM PC XT computers (and its compatible products). As a BASIC programming language interpreter, GW-BASIC was derived from IBM Advanced BASIC/BASICA (considered a migration of Microsoft BASIC). Today, however, Microsoft has officially opened it up, and interested friends can view the full source code on GitHub.

Microsoft Announces Open Source GW-BASIC Interpreter

(From: Microsoft / GitHub)

Microsoft wrote in its self-published document that these sources, born on February 10, 1983, use the 8088 assembly language. This open source is not accepted to modify the source PR in any way for historical reference and educational purposes.

In recent years, Microsoft’s attitude towards the open source community has changed dramatically. In 2014, for example, the company opened up the source code for MS-DOS in partnership with the Computer History Museum.

In 2018, the software giant launched MS-DOS source code on GitHub again, covering ms-DOS 1.25 and MS-DOS 2.0 and compiled binaries.