Edge browser will follow Windows 10’s approach to enabling progressive updates since version 83

Skip 82, The Chromeum-based Edge 83 Stable Browser was officially released today. In addition to introducing a number of new features, the browser background has also seen a big change. Starting with Edge 83, Microsoft will take a gradual upgrade to invite Windows 10 users to update the experience.

Edge browser will follow Windows 10's approach to enabling progressive updates since version 83

The first incremental upgrade means that all users will not be able to get a stable Edge 83 update in the first place, but will roll out the update to some users first. Once it’s rolling, Microsoft starts collecting feedback to determine the reliability of the update.

If all goes well, the company can move on to the next stage of the release, allowing more devices to use the update. If it doesn’t work out, and some devices have problems, the software giant can suspend the promotion to prevent the problem from affecting more computers.

This launch strategy is also used for new Windows 10 feature updates. The device is getting an update to Windows 10 in stages because Microsoft analyzes the telemetry data and determines if a particular configuration is having problems.

As a result, the global update for the entire Edge Stable may take several days. But Microsoft will release security patches more quickly because it wants devices to be updated as quickly as possible, especially if it detects a hacker exploiting a vulnerability to launch an attack on users.

Microsoft explains the progressive propulsion system:

Each Microsoft Edge installation is assigned an upgrade value. When we start rolling out, you’ll see updates when the value on your device falls within the upgrade value. As the advance (within a few days), all users will eventually be updated.

Browser updates with critical security fixes will be faster than updates without critical security fixes. This is done to ensure that users are protected from vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

As far as enterprises are concerned, incremental rollouts only affect how devices are updated within the enterprise if they are managed by Microsoft Intune. In this case, Microsoft says the new Edge Stable should appear on all devices within a few days. If you use WSUS or Configuration Manager, your business is not affected by incremental rollouts.

What you need to know is that incremental rollouts are only available for stable versions of Microsoft Edge, so updates to canary(Day) , Dev (weekly) and Beta (updated every six days) will continue to be released on a regular basis, as before.