Pakistan Airbus A320 crash: 107 people alive

A Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane has crashed near Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city,media reported. Pakistan International Airlines has confirmed the crash and confirmed that the crash was an Airbus A320 with flight number PK8303. According to media reports, there were 107 passengers and crew on board, but there were other different accounts, all about 100 people.

It is reported that the crashed aircraft age of 15.8 years, pakistan international airlines from the United States General Financial Aviation Services chartered, and earlier served in China Eastern Airlines for 10 years.

Reported that the scene of the incident is located in a densely populated residential area, smoke billowing, the scene has been organized evacuation, ambulances and rescue workers also quickly arrived at the scene.

Officials have not yet released casualties, but media reports say no one survived.

China’s consulate in Karachi said there were no Chinese on board.

Pakistan Airbus A320 crash: 107 people alive