What is the beginning of the web browser “Brave”?

Brian Bondy, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO), reveals how The Open Source Web Browser “Brave” that automatically blocks ads on the page was born from the time the development members gathered to the actual development process.

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The beginning of “Brave”

The idea of the logo,

the concept of BAT,


The beginning of “Brave”

Mr. Bondy, who originally worked for Mozilla, was invited to a new project at the Mozilla Academy held in October 2013 at the Mozilla Summit in October 2013. Interested in this job, Mr. Bondy decides to leave Mozilla. On the last night of the Mozilla Summit, Mr. Bondi had a photo taken with Brendan Ike, then Mozilla’s CTO, in commemoration of leaving Mozilla. From the idea that “i’ll never have a chance to take a picture with Mr. Ike again,” it took him one night to dare to ask Mr. Ike to take a picture. In August 2014, I received an email from Mr. Eick to Mr. Bondy, who worked at Khan Academy. The move was an invitation to join the start-up that Mr. Ike, who left Mozilla in April 2014, plans to launch.

At this time, the idea of “new web browser” sent by Mr. Ike is as follows. We didn’t have a name yet, but the basic idea of “Brave” was complete at this point. Do not allow users to be tracked. Users need to own their own data. By blocking bad things, page load time is reduced and bandwidth is reduced. Allow publishers to receive payments via crypto-currencies and replace the loss of revenue from blocking. Allow users to receive payments via cryptocurrency micropayments to pay attention to privacy protection ads. Mr. Bondy and Mr. Ike debated for four months to flesh out what to build. From the experience of creating a new web browser from scratch in the past, Bondy said, how the installer works, how the update works, how the signature works, and how much it will cost. He advised him on how long it would take.

After months of funding, Bondy and colleagues started the project in May 2015. Mr. Bondy, who left Khan Academy, went secret without telling him that he had set up a company with Mr. Ike in collaboration with Mr. Ike around him so that he would not attract media attention until the project was ready. Mr. Ike’s wide network of contacts has made the hiring of engineers smooth, the immediate hiring of talented people, and the gathering of excellent top advisors.

How did the browser name “Brave” be decided?

In deciding the name of the company name and web browser, “Brave” is one of the names that has been considered from the early stages, and the other is “Gladiator”, “Dynamo”, “Superware?”, “Superware?” Brownie” and so on. Although “Brave” was a strong candidate, it sounded a little cheap, self-praise, it is difficult to associate images and logos from names like Firefox, it is difficult to translate well, so once adopted was abandoned. However, Bondy and his colleagues couldn’t come up with any other good ideas, and although there were some problems, they ended up registering Brave as a company name and domain. However, while intending to register “brave.com” as a URL, it was discovered that “brave.com” has been used for 17 years by a band called Brave Combo, which was formed in 1979. For negotiations, Bondy and his colleagues purchased the URL “bravecombo.com” in advance and negotiated with Brave Combo to see if they could consider selling “brave.com” in exchange for “bravecombo.com”. After months of persuasion, Bondy and his colleagues were able to get “brave.com.”

The idea of the logo

Next, Mr. Bondy and others thought of the Brave logo. As a result of looking at the rough sketch requested by the contractor, the logo creation proceeds with the policy of making it an icon of lightning.

However, after considering the finished logo, Bondy and his colleagues were not convinced and decided to come up with a different idea.

As the next idea, a contest was held in crowdspring with the theme of a logo using Lions.

I continued to fine-tune it many times, and the following logo was mentioned as a candidate, but it was not satisfactory and was rejected.

After that, designer Brad Richter, who participated in Brave, was in charge of creating the logo, and after fine-tuning, the logo with the motif of “Lion’s Face” was completed.

Build Browser

Brave UI was created from scratch using React and Redux. It took months to build a basic platform, such as menus and drop-down lists, but due to financial issues, we only had seven months to use. Initially developed by Graphene, the company moved to Electron due to a variety of issues. After spending about a month filling the gap in Graphene by Electron, On January 20, 2016 Brave exited Stealth Mode and was shared to the world. However, with Electron, it turns out that a major update is required each time Chromium upgrades. It took a lot of effort to require two full-time development personnel for six weeks, and the problem became more serious as the Chromium upgrades overlapped. As a solution, we started developing A new Project”, Brave Core, built in a way that makes it easier to rebase based on A major Upgrades for Chromium. Brave Core allows you to upgrade Chromium quickly, and few bugs associated with the upgrade occur. In the iOS version, due to web compatibility and bugs that Apple may not be able to fix, Firefox iOS has been re-added to provide the necessary protection for Brave Shields.

BAT’s philosophy

Brave released the token “Basic Token Token (BAT)” on May 31, 2017 to support the activities of creators. The basic idea of BAT is as follows. Every time a user downloads a tracker and ad from a website, the website administrator generates revenue. However, we don’t believe that users need to be compromised in their privacy because of their ad display. Ad callers are targeted, and are spending wastefully because of ad fraud. Ad callers should be able to make better deals. Users should earn advertising revenue while maintaining anonymity without having to view or track their browsing history by third parties, including Brave. “As a company, we are happy and proud of what we have created ourselves. Brave 1.0 is thanks to the enthusiasm and effort stake of hundreds of people and thousands of community members,” Bondy said.

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