Twitter CEO: Automation can even pose a threat to programming

Beijing time on May 23rd, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will even make software engineers no longer sought after. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, says this is because artificial intelligence will soon be writing its own software. This can put some junior software engineers in a difficult position.

In a podcast interview Thursday with Andrew Yang, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. election, Dorsey said AI “will even replace programming.”

Twitter CEO: Automation can even pose a threat to programming

“Many of the goals of machine learning and deep learning are to write the software itself over time, so a lot of primary programming will be less important,” says Dorsey.

Today, software engineers tend to have well-paid jobs and are sought after. Software engineers are the seventh best jobs in the United States in 2020, with a median base salary of $105,563, according to the work site GlasSDoor.

Mr Dorsey told Mr Yang, who supports universal basic pay, that such free cash payments could be the “bottom line” for people to survive if people lose their income as a result of automation.

Mr Dorsey said the monthly allowance would give laid-off workers “peace of mind” that they would be able to “eat enough to feed their children” while learning new skills to adapt to changes in the new world. Dorsey says the universal basic wage is not an excuse not to work, but a lifeline.

Critics of the universal basic wage argue that the universal basic wage consumes too much money and discourages people from finding work, thus eliminating a sense of purpose in society.