Microsoft is investigating some issues caused by the Windows 10 KB4556799 update

Many users have recently complained that their Windows 10 devices experienced audio and profile errors after installing the KB4556799 update. In addition, this important security patch has led to performance issues, such as a drop in game frame rate and even a blue screen crash. In addition to Microsoft’s official forums, social media users such as Reddit are also seeking to get a lot of people to take a look.

Microsoft is investigating some issues caused by the Windows 10 KB4556799 update

On the audio side, Windows 10 KB4556799 may cause the default audio output to stop working or to have a cadence. Errors in temporary user profiles may also hide user files and disable any settings, such as restoring desktop wallpapers to default.

While we have learned many of the problems caused by KB4556799 across multiple online channels, it is not clear how many people these bugs affected and whether only users with specific configurations are affected by this update.

In supporting documentation, Microsoft has confirmed that it has received an online report and is investigating the matter. Unfortunately, the company has not yet identified any issues in telemetry, support data, and customer feedback channels.

Note that the company can access the telemetry data of Windows Update only after the user has correctly submitted the problem tag in the Feedback Center, including specific categories such as ‘audio.”

Microsoft said it was actively in touch with customers who reported the issue and would continue to listen to feedback and keep a close eye on the situation. If you can’t stand the hassle of the KB4556799 update, you might want to temporarily uninstall and disable the update. Here’s how:

Open the ‘Settings’ menu;

Go to ‘Update and Security’;

Click on ‘Windows Update’ on the left;

View ‘Update History’;

Select ‘Uninstall Update’.