Cancer drugs that work on Zika and Ebola could be the cure for the new coronavirus

Treatment sb situ for the new coronavirus may include an antiviral drug that shows antiviral activity against Zika and Ebola,media BGR reported. BerGenBio’s bemcentinib is currently conducting Phase 2 clinical trials in the UK. If effective, the drug may be used in COVID-19 treatment in the future. This potential new coronavirus therapy, which takes the form of a one-day drug, prevents the virus from entering the cells and prevents an infected person from inactivated in a critical immune response.

BerGenBio, which has offices in Bergen, Norway, and Oxford, UK, is a biotechnology company with only 38 employees. They have developed a drug called bemcentinib, which is now in Phase 2 clinical trials. The company had previously announced that bemcentinib had been selected through the ACCORD (short for the ACcelerating COVID-19 research and development platform) platform. The drug is quickly screened out as a potential COVID-19 treatment.

Cancer drugs that work on Zika and Ebola could be the cure for the new coronavirus

The study will include 60 COVID-19 patients who will receive bemcentinib compound preparations and 60 patients will be treated standard at six NHS hospitals in the UK. The drug is a “daily oral, highly selective and powerful AXL kinase inhibitor,” the company explained when it announced clinical trials at the end of April. The drug can play a key role in cancer treatment, “preventing immune avoidance, drug resistance and metastasis in various cancer trials” and can also fight Ebola and Zika in preclinical trials.

The drug inhibits AXL kinase activity, blocks the virus from entering cells, and enhances antiviral type I interferon reaction. Interferon is a key mechanism for immunisation that slows the replication of viruses in cells. Recent studies have explained that the new coronavirus can inhibit the cell’s interferon gene and prevent the release of the substance. In addition, researchers from Hong Kong, China, used interferon for an effective combination of three drugs in COVID-19 therapy. Researchers at Stanford University are working on a different type of interferon for the treatment of the new coronavirus.

“By using our drugs to suppress AXL, you prevent the virus from getting into the cells,” Richard Godfrey, CEO of BerGenBio, told ABC News. “You also stopped the deactivation of the antiviral immune response, which is critical for our body to clear infection…. So this is a dual mechanism, viruses can be hijacked. This is very important. “

The CEO warned that the drug would not be a “magic bullet” for treating diseases because it is very rare for any disease. “Normally, it is a combination of drugs, whether it’s complementary or supporting another mechanism. So I think we’re going to see the emergence of combination drugs, and we’ve seen those combined drugs being tested. He said. Godfrey said he had high hopes for the drug, but gave no details about its efficacy.