‘MythQuest’ actor raises $600,000 for new Crown Pneumonia Relief Fund

Actors and crewons on Apple TV’s “Mythic Quest” raised $600,000 for the new Corona virus during a special episode during the quarantine period, according tomedia reports. It has been learned that “MythQuest” co-producers Rob McElheinney and Megan Ganz used 40 iPhones to remotely shoot an exclusive special for Apple TV Plus.

'MythQuest' actor raises $600,000 for new Crown Pneumonia Relief Fund

It is reported that the episode, which aired on Friday, has a key plot — the fictional video game company held a fundraiser at the Mythic Quest Center. In a recent interview with Variety, McElheenney explained how his production team brought the storyline into the real world. “When we came up with the concept of corporate donations, I thought, wow, it would be great if we could come up with a way to do it with a show. “

In the end, “MythIc Quest” crew raised $300,000, and McElheenney and his wife, Kaitlin Olson, personally donated the same amount. It is reported that the money will be donated to Mercy Corps’ new crown pneumonia relief fund.

McElheenney explained in detail why the team did not ask the audience directly for donations. According to its disclosure, the team said to “respect” the audience, not to let the audience feel that they are constantly asked to give, give, give, give again. “Of course, I hope people can continue to give, if they can. But I also feel that I don’t want to ask anyone for anything more. So it’s just something we show the world, if you can give it, well, but we just hope you like the show. “