Trump: U.S. won’t shut down second wave of new crown outbreaks

The United States will not shut down a new wave of viruses — at least as President Donald Trump has promised the United States and the rest of the world,media reported. Mr. Trump is understood to have made the bold remarks during a visit to the Ford plant in Michigan this week. “People say (the second wave) is very likely to happen. This is the standard. We’re going to put out the fires, but we’re not going to shut down this country. We just need to put out the fire. Whether it’s ashes or fire, we’re going to put it out. But we will not shut down our country. “

Trump: U.S. won't shut down second wave of new crown outbreaks

It’s important to show confidence in overcoming the outbreak, but perhaps someone should be reminded that it’s not up to him. In the United States, the final decision will be made by the states, then by the local authorities, and they will issue their own guidelines. If further refined, in fact, companies have the right to decide when to reopen the door, they can decide what they want to take.