Tesla welcomes ‘Radiation Shelter’ game and other infotainment enhancements

With the introduction of more games and improvements in video playback space, Tesla owners’ in-car infotainment journeys will become more enjoyable. Elon Musk has brought the Radiation Shelter game to Tesla Arcade thanks to a recent 2020.20 software update that allows players to control it with a medium-control large screen and steering wheel. Tesla owners during the COVID-19 epidemic will obviously have a different gaming experience in the car, as the “in-place asylum” policy is still in place in many areas.

Tesla welcomes 'Radiation Shelter' game and other infotainment enhancements

Infographic (from: Tesla)

Tesla has previously pushed classic arcade games for models such as the Model S, Model X and Model 3, such as Asteroids, the fighting game Centipede, and Missile Command.

More recently updated games include Beach Racing 2, Cuphead and Stardew Valley.

The 2020.20 software update also brings other improvements to infotainment systems, such as the manipulation of the Tesla Theater. Allow the keys on the steering wheel to pause/resume while watching Netflix and YouTube videos.

The TRAX music production software, released last year, also supports piano scrolling views, making it easy for musicians to compose music in Tesla’s electric cars.

But as with many previous OTA updates, Tesla will push to a small number of users before implementing the upgrade in full.