Meteorologist spits Tesla Model 3: Skylight Crevices, Summer Overhead ‘on Fire’

After home,steam, the price of the Tesla Model 3 has dropped to 270,000, basic and BBA entry 34C to a level, even cheaper, in many limited-licensing, limited-purchase cities, there is no doubt that there is a great attraction. Can Model 3 be bought now? Leaving aside the topic of cut-out leeks, as far as the product is concerned, Tesla and the mainstream luxury brands still have a visible gap with the naked eye.

Recently, the former core member of China’s wind chasing team, meteorological engineers well-known science bloggers , Tianshi-Kazan, released a live video on Weibo, showing the Tesla Model 3 skylight work details and short boards, and gave their own purchase advice.

Meteorologist spits Tesla Model 3: Skylight Crevices, Summer Overhead 'on Fire'

The blogger said that model 3 skylight crevices are cm-level, the groove is very easy to accumulate ash, and small confetti, leaves, and even small branches will fall into the inside, outdoor parking has to consider, with a few days on the very dirty, cleaning is not small. I added a dust bar, barely alleviate some of it, now quickly integrated, estimated to be able to stuff another one.

In addition, the sunroof’s adhesive line is the same as the inner frame of the door, easy to open the glue. Video has been shown, the car left front corner appeared a little bit of “skin” situation, good in the absence of seepage, leakage, see the individual can not accept.

Summer is really hot. Do not deny the effect of this panoramic sunroof isolation ultraviolet rays, but, here heat absorption is serious, under the sun, this roof is very hot, resulting in 183cm like their own people, obviously feel the head “fire”, and can not open, so can only put the seat to the lowest, but the legs are slightly sterent, this size is too tight medium-sized car really can not be too comfortable.

“As for the leakage rain I haven’t encountered, but did have seen other car owners have spit grooves, and then maintenance is very laborious, this has to be psychologicalpreparation.” The blogger said.

Can the Tesla Model 3 be bought? Bloggers believe that can buy, as long as not afraid when leeks, not afraid of small problems, not afraid of poor after-sales service, you can start.

Meteorologist spits Tesla Model 3: Skylight Crevices, Summer Overhead 'on Fire'

In response, well-known car blogger @PRND21 also retweeted the video said: “I have been calling on people not to have any illusions about Tesla’s meticulouswork, I have opened a few are not very good, but the early less good.”

The author believes that the advantage of the Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s three-power, assisted driving and later OTA experience upgrade, in the core competitiveness, Tesla still has no rivals, and the domestic price is lower. But for the details, comfort, work mankind has higher requirements of friends, before buying need to do a good job of psychological construction.