Employees expose Tesla’s Fremont plant to unsafe environment, called it a “modern sweatshop.

NetEase, May 23 (Xinhua) — Tesla’s Fremont plant in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, has been criticized by employees for poor health, safety and working conditions, according to a report published by san Francisco Bay Area media outlet San Francisco Weekly.

“Modern sweatshop”

“This is a matter of life and death for workers,” said a worker at the Tesla Fremont plant. Another worker who refused to return to work said, “This is a modern sweatshop.” “Employees at the plant, who are not part of the union, have made similar harsh remarks, and they have helped Tesla’s manufacturing business to a major success.

Carlos Gabriel, a factory worker, is reluctant to return to his job, given that Tesla has not implemented safe social-distance prevention measures. “There’s really no room, it’s a factory where air circulates inside,” Gabriel said. People are basically breathing at each other. “

Last week, another employee confirmed to the media what the San Francisco Weekly reported. “We’re only a few inches apart from each other,” the employee said. It seems that they have not made any changes to the production line. On the production line, we work together and touch the same equipment. When we entered, they gave us a mask and took our temperature. The bathroom is not clean and the space is small. I really don’t feel safe. “

“The union has been trying to get involved for years, but to no avail,” the employee told the media. He said everyone knows that Tesla CEO Elon Musk won’t allow it. The San Francisco Weekly says Tesla is the only major U.S. automaker with no employees to join the union.

In March, another employee, who did not want to be identified, told the media about the official closure of Tesla’s plant. “I went to work this morning. We are still in full production. They don’t seem to be reducing the workforce. As we walked to the production line, they gave us a mask and measured our body temperature. They did not implement safe social distance prevention measures. “

Musk praised the workers.

Musk sent a text message to his employees on May 12, thanking them for returning to work at the plant.

“I just want to send you a thank-you note for your hard work and success for Tesla,” he wrote. It’s so cool to see the factory back in work and you’re making it happen! “

“It’s a great honor to spend a hard day producing a product or providing a service to others. I have more respect for people who are proud of doing a good job than the rich or famous who have no use, no matter what profession they do. “

In response, some employees expressed support for Musk’s move as part of a push against the ban and a push to keep the plant open. These workers tend to return to work, which is exactly what Musk and U.S. President Donald Trump have expressed. The San Francisco Weekly reported that some employees “take off their masks” for breathing convenience after working on the production line for several hours.

Tesla has been calling more employees and asking them to return to work. The company also warned that employees who did not return to work could lose unemployment benefits.

On May 12, a meeting with Tesla management in Alameda County, California, where Tesla’s Fremont plant is located, developed a set of site-specific safety guidelines for the new coronavirus pandemic. According to the guidelines, Tesla implements anti-epidemic measures such as lounges, employee temperature tests, and employees at the plant perform social distance vaccination measures.

Subsequently, Tesla’s human resources department issued a notice to employees, “We are fully prepared to safely resume work and will fully comply with all government epidemic prevention measures and the security measures required by Alameda County.” “

Inconsistency in words and deeds

But workers said the measures outlined in Tesla’s human resources memo and return manual “have not been implemented on an ongoing one at the Fremont plant in TrasFremont,” the San Francisco Weekly reported.

By Thursday, employees said, the 20-minute shift was reduced to 10 minutes. More than 1,000 people are on shifts, some starting at 5 a.m.

Art, a 61-year-old assembly line worker, said he and his colleagues worked “shoulder-to-shoulder” at a distance of less than 6 feet.

Police in Fremont, Alameda County, have held several press briefings and released information on local social-distance prevention measures. But a police spokesman said: “We simply did not have the capacity to check the implementation of anti-epidemic measures at every business in Fremont last year because there are thousands of businesses here.” “

Carlos Gabriel, a worker at Tesla’s Fremont plant, told the San Francisco Weekly that he thought Musk had been considering the idea of moving the plant out of the Bay Area for months. The 10,000-employee plant is one of the few companies in the San Francisco Bay Area that can offer a lot of blue-collar jobs, he said, but Tesla executives don’t see itself as part of the community.

“For Tesla, we can discard it later,” Gabriel said. (Tianmen Shan)