Facebook announces dramatic overhaul of rural construction plans

Social networking giant Facebook said wednesday it has overhauled plans to build a new village near its Silicon Valley headquarters, according tomedia reports, which is understood to have significantly reduced the number of office space and regional traffic impacts on the project. “We are extremely committed to being a good neighbor to Monroe Park,” said Ohn Tenanes, Facebook’s vice president of real estate. We have received extensive feedback and the latest plan is a direct response to the community’s views. “

Facebook announces dramatic overhaul of rural construction plans

Facebook’s new proposal for Willow Village will require 1.25 million square feet of office space, a 29 percent reduction from the previously anticipated 1.75 million-square-foot Monroe Park development, and the area is not far from the tech giant’s headquarters.

The reduction in office space also means a reduction in the number of staff employed, with 2,550 fewer people expected to enter the office in the future, from the original plan of 9,000 to 10,000 to 7,000.

The new Village of Willow, based in Monroe Park, expects offices, homes, shops, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, hotels, parks, trails and open spaces.

Mike Ghielmetti, CEO of signature Development Group, the project’s developer, said: “Our dialogue with our neighbours, city council members and planning committees is critical and we want to make sure that Willow Village is part of the solution to the many challenges facing our community. “

For three years, the tech giant has been meeting with local city officials, community leaders and local residents to assess how the company developed Willow Village and benefited everyone in the Belle Haven community and Monroe Park.

Facebook intends to replace an outdated industrial and warehouse park with this new community.

The village of Willow will not be an isolated park, but will be transformed to integrate into neighbouring communities. The development will be built on the corner of Willow Road and Ivy Drive Road in Monroe Park.

As part of the village of Willow, Facebook also plans to add a 2.1-acre elevated park on Willow Road, which will open to the public in the future. It is reported that the park will be equipped with walking paths, bike paths, gardens, lawn areas, horticultural exhibition areas, seating areas, children’s play areas, recreation areas, sunshades, picnic areas and public rest rooms.

In addition to the existing 3,500 workers, Willow can accommodate 3,450 workers.

Facebook announces dramatic overhaul of rural construction plans

It is understood that Faceobok’s original plan was to build 1,500 homes starting in 2017. But then Facebook offered 1,735 homes, 15 percent of which were affordable.

Facebook has now increased the number of affordable homes under development to 320, or nearly 20 percent of all housing in Willow Village.

In addition, Facebook wants to add a public visitor center, more open space, and flexible meeting, collaboration and meeting space because of its small office footprint.

Monroe Park’s urban assessment of Willow Village is expected to be extended until mid-2021.