“Jurassic World 3” has new plans to open a new chapter in the series

Although “Jurassic World 3: Reign” was suspended due to the outbreak, the planning of the full series “Jurassic World” has not stopped. Frank Marshall, the film’s producer, said the film would open the entire “Jurassic World” world.

“The film will take the series into a whole new territory,” says Frank Marshall. These dinosaurs have entered the human world and will coexist with humans for some time. Therefore, this world in which humans and dinosaurs live together will be the beginning of a new order, and we must learn to share and live together. “It’s not hard to see from Frank Marshall’s statement that Jurassic Park no longer exists, and that a whole new story will take place in a larger space, and that the ancient creatures of dinosaurs will live with humans.

It is understood that “Jurassic World” series actors Sam Neill, Laura Dunn, Jeff Goblin and stars Chris Palart and Jack Johnson and Omar Healy are all returning. Media reported that Colin Trevor will continue to write the screenplay for the film and participate as a producer and director in the film, Steven Spielberg will continue to produce. Emily Carmichael, the screenwriter who wrote Pacific Rim: The Remake of Thunder, will be co-writer. At present, the film’s storyline is not yet known. However, it is understood that the story of Jurassic World 3 will be darker, and the plot will explore where these behemoths will go when the park is closed. In addition, screenwriter and producer Colin Trevor revealed that it will be a horror film, the film will have a large number of real-life effects, the presentation of the texture will be more delicate than the previous film.

Earlier, the second director, Juan Antonio Bayana, confirmed that the series would be developed into a new trilogy. It is clear that Jurassic World has acquired a new life in this new digital age. According to the plan, the film will be released on June 11, 2021.