No drunk driving anymore, EU: New cars need built-in alcohol tester and speed limiter

According to foreign media reports, the European Union recently introduced a new regulation, from May 2022, all new vehicles need to have built-in anti-speeding equipment, when drivers driving over the speed limit to alert drivers. In addition, the new car needs built-in breathing equipment, and when the driver drinks alcohol, the vehicle’s engine will not start.

No drunk driving EU: New cars need built-in alcohol tester and speed limiter


The controversial provision, which was put on the agenda as early as March this year, has been under discussion because of disunity among many MPs. Recently, however, the rule has been approved by the European Parliament and will be formally sealed.

The EU has always been at the forefront of the world for the importance of vehicle safety. The new rules require all new cars to be fitted with smart speed assist (ISA) speed limiters. The device will obtain the maximum speed of the current road based on the vehicle’s GPS information and the on-board camera to prevent the driver from speeding.

There are also differences of opinion among EU occupant over restrictions on speeding vehicles. Daniel Dalton, a Conservative MEP from the Midwest, said: “The European Commission wants to make it possible for vehicles to slow down automatically when they exceed the speed limit, but we have finally made concessions that when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the vehicle will only alert the driver.” “

In addition to speed limit alerts, the new EU rules require new cars to be built-in “alcohol detection and intervention devices.” The driver is required to undergo an alcohol test before starting the vehicle, which cannot be started in the case of alcohol consumption. At the same time, in order to avoid changing the driver after the vehicle is started, the vehicle also needs to have specific technical means to ensure that the current driver is the driver who took the alcohol test.

The European Parliament said the measures would prevent 140,000 serious road safety incidents by 2038. The regulation will come into effect in May 2022. At that time, the new car must have built-in automatic speed limit and alcohol testing. At the same time, vehicles that do not meet these technical requirements will not be able to board the road within the EU member states.

Although the EU has been more aggressive in the environmental protection and safety of vehicles, but this time introduced new rules to limit speeding and drink-driving. It has to be said that there is still great practical positive significance. At the same time, with the introduction of new rules, the European Union will be possible to put an early end to the occurrence of drink-driving behavior. Moreover, in the management of drink-driving, the new EU regulations have a great reference significance to our country.

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