MediaTek, Zhangrui 5G chip has become Huawei Kirin’s best “preparation tire”

Recent concerns about the u.S. upgrading of China’s “export control” have aroused concern in the community. Core Wise has also previously been in the “the ultimate push on Huawei events” article when the matter in-depth analysis and deduction. The new U.S. ban is aimed primarily at Huawei’s self-research chip capabilities, and if Huawei wants to maintain the shipment of end products, it can only replace self-research chips by using other domestic or non-U.S. chips, according to the study.

On mobile phones, for example, if wafer factories such as TSMC cannot continue to work for Huawei’s Contract Kirin series of chips, Huawei can choose MediaTek or UNISOC’s 5G mobile phone chips to continue to launch 5G new machines.

Of course, Huawei is certainly stocking a lot of Kirin chips, plus TSMC has previously received orders, is also in production, as long as within 120 days to deliver to Huawei. It also means that Huawei’s Kirin chip should be able to guarantee several quarters of shipments of end products. However, if the subsequent chip manufacturing problem sits still out. Then Huawei’s end product shipments will be affected.

Therefore, the earlier the import of other third-party vendors, the better for Huawei. On the one hand, it can help solve the problem of the future kirin chip supply, on the other hand, it can enable the stocked Kirin chip to support the longer-term shipment of key products.

There are not many manufacturers of 5G mobile phone chips, except For Huawei Heith, only Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and UNISOC. Qualcomm is a U.S. manufacturer, Huawei should not be able to use, Samsung phones and Huawei phones have a competitive relationship, and Samsung on the 5G chip and Huawei’s rival vivo reached a cooperation, so Huawei should not choose Samsung’s 5G chip. Then the only remaining options are MediaTek and UNISOC.

In fact, Huawei did just that.

On May 18th, MediaTek held an online launch and officially released the first chip of the Tianyi 800 series for the mid-market, the Tianyi 820. And on the day of the report article “MediaTek Tianyi 820 release: Redmi debut! Huawei and Glory will push the Sky-New 800 new machine? In it, Core Intelligence also confirmed exclusively through MediaTek insiders that Huawei and its glory brand will launch a new 5G machine based on the MediaTek’s 800 series. Subsequently, the core intelligent information also through an ODM factory insiders further confirmed the news.

So will Huawei also introduce a new machine based on the UNISOC5G chip?

In this regard, the core intelligent information contact with the exhibition insiders, the other side said, at present is not convenient to disclose.

On February 26 this year, UNISOC launched its first 5G mobile phone chip platform, the Tiger T7510, the same day Hisense also launched the platform-based 5G mobile phone new F50 (listed in April, priced at 2,199 yuan). At the same time, The company also officially released its first 5G SoC chip, the Tiger T7520, which is also the world’s first chip based on TSMC’s 6nm EUV process.

Compared to mediatek’s 5G SoC chip in the Tianyi 800 series, the T7510 is still using an external 5G baseband, which may be weaker in competitiveness than the Tianqi 800 series. The tiger T7520, which integrates the 5G baseband, could fight it, but the chip could be mass produced as soon as the end of the year.

In the view of core wise news, Huawei may be inclined to adopt the Tiger T7520, so it is possible to launch the chip-based mobile phone chip at the end of the year, and may even get the tiger T7520’s debut!

It is important to interject that, after a major internal personnel change in the previous period, a large number of executives now have a background in Huawei’s Hays, which also makes it more possible for the in-depth cooperation between Mr. Zhang and Huawei.