(Pictured) Google Messages to enable end-to-end encryption for RCS messages

According to APKMirror’s latest google Messages 6.2 internal “dogfood” build, a new feature has been discovered by delving into the code: the end-to-end encryption of RCS information. “Dogfood” is slang for “eat your own dog food”, usually describing software companies using their own products.

(Pictured) Google Messages to enable end-to-end encryption for RCS messages

In recent years, there has been interest in the RCS messaging service as a true successor to text messages and MMS messages, and a public contender for Apple’s iMessage. One thing rcS has been absent from compared to iMessage is end-to-end encryption.

In the “dogfood” build-up to Google Messages 6.2,media discovery allows users to send end-to-end message encryption by discovering code. In fact, there are a total of 12 new strings in the app that refer to encryption (sometimes referred to as “e2ee”).

“encrypted_rcs_message”; End-to-End Encrypted Rich Communication Service message

“send_encrypted_button_content_description” and Send end-to-end encrypted message slt; /string

“e2ee_conversation_tombstone” and Chatting end-to-end encrypted with %s/string

“metADATA_encryption_status” and End-to-end encrypted message s/string

There are no further details on RCS end-to-end encryption. It may be necessary for both parties to use the Google Messages app to enable it. What is certain, however, is that both the sender and the receiver need to have a good network connection to pass these end-to-end encrypted RCS messages.

If any of you have a bad connection, Google Messages will provide text messages or MMS messages as an alternate way to send messages. But before you send it in this way, the app will remind you that SMS and MMS messages are not encrypted and require your consent.

“e2ee_fail_to_send_retry_description” and Resend as chat s/string

“encryption_fallback_title”; Send unencrypted messages??/string

<string name=”encryption_default_fallback_body”>”SMS/MMS texts aren’t end-to-end encrypted.nnTo send with end-to-end encryption, wait for improved data connection or send messages now as SMS/MMS.” //string

“encryption_fallback_dialog_accept_button” and “Send unencrypted”/string


“encryption_sent_fallback_body SMS/MMS texts aren’t end-to-to-encrypted.n?n-send end end end-end,wait until%1’s hashas data or message nows as SMS/MMS.” //string

Interestingly, it looks like Google Messages will also provide additional protection for your end-to-end encrypted RCS messages. For example, you’ll be able to set other Android apps that have permission to view your messages to see your encrypted messages as well. When you share your location, you’ll also be reminded that the message is encrypted.

“etouffee_to_telephony_setting_title” and Let other apps access end-to-end encrypted messages

“location_attachment_picker_send_encrypted_content_description” and Send end-to-end encrypted message with selected location %1$s?lt;/string