Legendary CPU engineer Jim Keller gives keynote speech Intel unveils 10nm processor in August

On August 16 this year, the 32nd Hotchips Conference will be held, one of the top conferences in the semiconductor field, preferring chip architecture, unlike ISSCC and IEDM. This year Intel is the only Rhodium gold sponsor, and legendary CPU engineer Jim Keller will deliver a keynote address featuring Intel’s 10nm processor.

Hotchips’ conference sponsorship is divided into four levels of silver, gold, platinum and gold, with sponsorship fees starting at 2500, 6000, 10,000 and US$20,000, and Intel is the only gold-rated sponsor this year, followed by Gold Sponsors such as Qualcomm and Marvel, and no platinum-rated sponsors.

Legendary CPU engineer Jim Keller gives keynote speech Intel unveils 10nm processor in August

At this year’s Hotchips 32 conference, there were two keynote speeches, and on the 17th, The keynote was delivered by Jim Keller, Senior Vice President, Silicon Engineering General Manager and CPU Bull, at Intel TSCG.

Although Jim Keller is only a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, the starting point in the semiconductor industry is relatively low, but Jim Keller is known as the bull-on-the-art is a man, he has been engaged in a number of semiconductor companies for more than 20 years, responsible for a number of very successful projects, is definitely the Silicon Valley chip industry’ god class.

Jim Keller has been involved in the chip development of different instruction sets such as Alpha, MIPS, X86, AI and ARM for more than 20 years, so to speak, the mainstream instruction set has been touched again, of course, the strongest is X86 and ARM, both of which are the glory of his career.

At the conference, Intel will introduce 10nm processors, including IceLake-SP server processors, Tiger Lake mobile processors, as well as FPGAs, quantum processors and other chips.