New Cortana takes off “beta” label in Microsoft Store

The new Cortana app has lost its long-standing beta label in the Microsoft Store, which means the Cortana app is in the mature stage of operation. In the latest description, Microsoft says Cortana will be your personal productivity assistant, helping to master important things and save time to find what you need.

Simply type or say a request in natural language to connect, manage schedules, find free time, set reminders, add tasks, and more. You can also find local information, get definitions, and keep track of the latest news, weather, and financial updates.

For the best experience, sign in with your work or school account and try these phrases:

“Are I free in the time?” “

“Find time to talk about the topic”

“Attend my meeting”

“Remind me to do the task in the time”

“Change the brightness”


The new Cortana app takes on a new conversational style, but has fewer features than earlier versions of the app and is more focused on enterprise-class use.

New non-beta versions of the app can be obtained in the Microsoft Store at the following address: