Musk: Electric pickup Cybertruck size won’t get smaller in a short time

Elon Musk, chief executive of electric car maker Tesla, said the size of its first electric pickup, the Cybertruck, would not be smaller in a short time, according tomedia reports. It’s not clear what’s stopping the truck from shrinking.

Musk: Electric pickup Cybertruck size won't get smaller in a short time

In November, Tesla unveiled the electric pickup Cybertruck. The pickup comes with six seats and a maximum range of 500 miles (805 kilometers) starting at $399,000($280,000).

It is reported that this electric pickup appearance is aggressive, body size than the previous pickup is also larger. According to data disclosed at the press conference, the pickup is 5.88 meters long, 2.03 meters wide and about 1.93 meters high, which is taller than Musk, who is nearly 1 meter 9.

The pickup’s tall body makes it need to take up more space when parked, and it’s a bit less aesthetically pleasing. But with the pickup scheduled to start mass production until the end of next year, there is still the possibility of improvement.

In April, Musk confirmed that the mass-produced version of the Cybertruck would be 3 percent smaller than the size of the prototype at the launch.

However, just over a month later, Musk revealed that the electric pickup will maintain the prototype’s “quite large” size.

After a design review, he says, there was little room to shrink, even if the 3 per cent reduction was too small. And, he added, Tesla “may” be building a smaller truck in the future.

Over the past three months, Musk has provided some other updates about Cybertruck via Twitter. In February, for example, Musk revealed that the pickup would be equipped with a load and towing calculator. In March, he revealed that the pickup’s production version would look different. In April, he added that the pickup could float on the water for a while.