Forced to abandon Google Pixel 5 because SnapDragon 865 is too expensive may switch to SnapDragon 768G

Google’s Pixel 5 dropped its flagship Platform with Qualcomm’s SnapSnapdragon 865 and instead launched the SnapDragon 768G. Phone Arena points out that 5G phone prices have generally risen, snapDragon865 phone prices are even more significant, if the SnapSnapdragon 865, coupled with the SnapDragonX55 5G modem, then the phone will be very expensive, these costs will inevitably be passed on to consumers, resulting in expensive terminal prices.

To this end, Google’s Pixel 5 adopts qualcomm SnapDragon 768G mid-range mobile platform, the first time the Pixel digital series has used Qualcomm 7 series chips, before Google used the qualcomm 8 series flagship platform.

Forced to abandon Google Pixel 5 because SnapSnapdragon 865 is too expensive may switch to SnapDragon 768G

It is reported that the SnapDragon768G is based on a 7nm process, using The Qualcomm Kryo 475 CPU Prime core, clock frequency of up to 2.8GHz, than the SnapDragon 765G 2.4GHz.

It also comes with the Adreno 620 GPU, a 15% improvement over the 765G, and supports Adreno’s updateable GPU drivers, the first in the 7-series SoC to do so.

In addition, the Google Pixel 5 Series may support wireless reverse charging, pre-installed Android 11 system.

Notably, Google suggested in a survey that the Google Pixel 5 costs $699 (about 5,000 yuan).

Given that Google’s Pixel 4 starts at $799 (about 5,700 yuan, 6GB plus 64GB), if the Pixel 5 starts at $699, it’s no match for the SnapSnapdragon 865 platform.