Microsoft’s name change causes trouble again, “MAUI” sparks dispute

A few years ago, Microsoft released a project called GVFS, a Git virtual file system, known as Git Virtual File System, which is its acronym. However, the name is highly controversial because it conflicts with GVFs, the virtual file system of the GNOME project, which not only makes users prone to confusion when looking for information, but also seriously affects the latter’s SEO. The end result was microsoft’s compromise under pressure to change the name of the “GVFS” project to “VFS For Git”.

A similar situation is now emerging between Microsoft and the KDE community.

Microsoft announced the MAUI project (.NET Multi-platform App UI) at the Build 2020 conference, which aims to provide a cross-platform native UI in a single code base, with the goal of making .NET MAUI part of .NET 6 and being an evolutionary version of Xamarin Forms. Microsoft also plans to move modern Xamarin.Forms-based projects from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI in the future.

It can therefore be argued that Microsoft renamed Xamarin Forms MAUI.

The KDE community also has a two-year-old project called “Maui”, which also happens to be a UI framework for building cross-platform applications. The KDE community was not satisfied with microsoft’s name change of .NET MAUI project because it was not only name-conflicting, but also similar components.

The open source project, hosted by KDE, was quick to issue an official statement criticizing Microsoft’s decision and calling on microsoft to revise the name of the .NET MAUI project. They believe that with the ranking of seo seoks on gitHub and Microsoft, .NET MAUI will soon squeeze Maui’s position in search engines.

Members of the Maui team also went to the GitHub repository of .NET MAUI to post a request for a name change, and Microsoft employee David Ortinau initially commented below that the name was an acronym for the .NET Multi-platform App UI and passed a legal review, so he shut down the issue. Later, after receiving too many insulting comments, he turned on the issue again and set it to lock.

David Ortinau has offered to communicate privately on any issues that are of great concern, and Microsoft has not yet changed its name to .NET MAUI.