HTC joins 5G, expects to launch first 5G phone in July

Taiwan is expected to offer 5G services in the second half of the year, while HTC will not be absent from the 5G smartphone market, according to several Taiwanese media reports. HTC has been actively laying out VR in recent years, showing little in the smartphone market, and has not released 5G phones. But the market expects HTC to join the 5G battlefield, in July this year is expected to launch 5G mobile phones, and actively attack the mobile phone market. HTC’s shares opened higher today, up 4.44 per cent in intraday trading.

HTC joins 5G, expects to launch first 5G phone in July

HTC’s latest earnings report, Chairman Wang Xuehong said that this year will be in the VR and AR market to launch more innovative software and hardware products, optimistic that 5G popularity will bring a major breakthrough for VR and AR.

The market is expected to launch in the second half of this year, including 4G and 5G smartphones, in addition, HTC will also grab into the TWS market,media reported that HTC will be 5G mobile phone before the release of HTC U Ear real wireless bluetooth headset.

In an interview in September 2019, HTC’s general manager for Taiwan, Chen Boxuan, said HTC plans to launch 5G-enabled phones simultaneously when it launches 5G services in Taiwan. According to the results of Taiwan’s first bid for 5G spectrum earlier this year, Taiwan’s three major operators are close to planning 5G, with Telecommunications saying it is expected to provide services by the third quarter, China Telecom calling for July, and Taiwan’s Big Brother conservatively locked in the third quarter.

Htc’s first 5G phone will lock in the flagship model, as compared with the current 5G phone launch edgand and specifications in Taiwan. If the prediction comes true, it will be HTC’s first flagship phone in two years.