Intel XII Core overhaul: 8 big cores 8 small core confirmations, IPC performance soar

Under the leaked roadmap plan, Intel will launch a 10nm version of the Alder Lake-S processor, or 12th-generation Core processor, in 2022, while upgrading the LGA1700 socket. Recently, hWInfo update log confirmed that it is 8 nuclear plus 8 small core design. In future upgrade records, HWInfo mentions that it will support the Alder Lake processor and increase support for hybrid CPUs, which means that the previously rumored Alder Lake’s combination of size and core is essentially a nail in the coffin.

Intel XII Core overhaul: 8 big cores 8 small core confirmations, IPC performance soar

The so-called size core, in fact, is similar to ARMCortex processor in the big LITTLE architecture, the same processor integrated 2 kinds of instruction-compatible processors, one is a high-performance core, one is a low-power core, suitable for handling the performance requirements of the task is not high.

ARM processor steamed with a large core design, but on desktop processors, power saving is not the first, Alder Lake adopted this design because the performance of the large core will be greatly improved, is expected to use the next generation of Golden Cove core, single-core, multi-core performance surge, this architecture should be the CPU bull Jim Keller-led research and development of high-performance CPU core.

Intel XII Core overhaul: 8 big cores 8 small core confirmations, IPC performance soar

According to Jim Keller’s previous interview, the high-performance CPU core will be at the cost of transistors, all only to ensure performance, IPC performance will be significantly improved, but this also means that it is not low cost, so there will be 8 large 8 small combinations to balance.

In addition to performance, the Alder Lake processor generation will be upgraded to the LGA1700, replacing the current LGA1200 socket.

According to previous reports, the LGA1700 package size will also be significantly changed. The current LGA1151 and the next generation of LGA1200, the size is 42.5 x 42.5 mm, standard square, LGA1700 will become rectangular, specifically 45 x 37.5 mm.

While the process and architecture are upgraded, It is highly likely that Alder Lake will support both DDR5 memory and even PCIe 4.0/5.0, after all, in almost two years’ time they are ready to enter the market, and AMD’s next-generation architecture Zen 4 is expected to support DDR5.

Considering the news that the previous 10nm processor frequency was up to 5GHz, the 2022 Alder Lake processor was perfect, and apart from changing the socket, the other upgrades were all i look forward to for years, and the 12th generation Core processor was about to recreate the glory of the meat that year.