Amazon Kindle and Echo teams are developing new corona virus detection technology for the company

Amazon Lab126, the hardware group responsible for developing Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and Echo smart speaker, is hiring engineers to test for the new crown, according to recruitment information first reported Monday by GeekWire, according tomedia reports. Amazon is currently working with existing labs to test whether its employees are infected with the new coronavirus with nasal swabs and saliva samples.

Amazon Kindle and Echo teams are developing new corona virus detection technology for the company

But Amazon’s ultimate goal is to build a robust test network and have a central testing center.

Lab 126 Labis is located in Silicon Valley, Stenneville, California. However, according to a Bloomberg report last week, job postings suggest the jobs are in Hebron, Kentucky. Hebron is not far from the company’s main air transport center, where it plans to build its largest test ingress laboratory.

It is understood that Amazon’s goal is to airlift samples from Amazon warehouses across the United States to test labs. Bloomberg also reported that Lab 126’s Sunnyvale office is still involved in research and development and employs microbiologists and other medical researchers, as well as non-engineering and science-related positions, who will work on the legal complexities behind building a multistate network of medical testing.

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Amazon plans to spend at least $300 million on testing by the end of June, part of a $4 billion commitment to respond to the impact of the outbreak. The company remains one of the few large technology companies not only undeterred by blocking and temporary home quarantine orders, but also growing as reliance on its services expanded during the new corona virus. Amazon has been criticized for its handling of employee security issues because of its ongoing operations and rapid hiring, while the vast majority of the company’s operations, with the exception of its offices, are still operating at full capacity. Critics and Amazon warehouse workers have been critical of the situation.

Amazon declined to say how many employees tested positive, and the company has not disclosed the death toll of its employees. As of last week, eight Amazon employees had died of new coronary pneumonia, according to media reports.

So far, Amazon has been effective in fighting the new coronary pneumonia by reusing existing technology and hardware teams. The company is currently producing masks for front-line workers through its robotics team, which previously focused on its drone delivery program and warehouse robotics. Robotic engineers have also been developing sorters for warehouse work to reduce employee-employee contact, while warehouse cameras can now monitor for violations of social distance guidelines, while security robots equipped with UV transmitters can disinfect work areas, Bloomberg reported.