AI beats humans again: Identify personalities with just one selfie

Artificial intelligence (AI) can once again beat humans “to identify a person’s personality by just one selfie photo,” according to a new study. Machines are better able to identify a trait than humans, analyzing the faces of characters to determine the different personality traits of species. It is reported that the Russian research team has developed a new AI, more than human and other competitive options.

AI beats humans again: Identify personalities with just one selfie

The hierarchical architecture of computer vision neural network (NNCV) and personality diagnostic neural network (NNPD).

The study is said to be aimed at analyzing five personality traits (extroverted, neurotic, helpful, honest, conscientious) of the target person. The study involved about 12,000 volunteers and 31,000 selfies, and in addition to providing selfies, volunteers were asked to fill out personality questionnaires.

It turns out that When analyzing different selfies of the same person, AI gives consistent personality judgment. In addition, AI is more accurate in evaluating female selfies than men. “Ultimately, the AI’s assessment accuracy was “above average” and performed better than human volunteers combined.

The researchers explain that the AI machine has many potential uses, such as the advertising industry’s ability to select models that are more product-specific and more popular with consumers.

Details of the study have been published in the recent lying journal Scientific Reports.

Originally published as “Assessing the Big Five traits using real-life real-life facial images.”