Microsoft promises: Consumer version of Teams release won’t affect the introduction of new Skype features

Microsoft has barely shared data on the use of the instant messaging software since it bought Skype for $8.5 billion in October 2011. For example, Skype’s monthly active user base has not been updated since August 2015, remaining at 300 million users announced a few years ago.

Microsoft promises: Consumer version of Teams release won't affect the introduction of new Skype features

Microsoft said it would further enrich the capabilities and features of Microsoft Teams and Skype due to the new corona virus outbreak and the explosive growth in usage due to the home-office policy. Today, Microsoft confirmed a new round of investment plans for Skype, saying it has promised to add more features despite the release of Microsoft Teams for Consumers.

According to Microsoft 365 for Consumers news in March, the company shared data showing that Skype day active users exceeded 40 million, up 70 percent month-on-month, and skype’s talk time increased 220 percent year-on-year. Microsoft also announced that Teams for Consumers would be available in the coming months, and said users would still be able to use Skype during the outbreak.

In an interview withmedia ventureBeat, Jeff Teper of Microsoft 365 said:

We are continuing to invest in Skype. Still, it’s growing. You’ll see some new features and there will be more interaction between Skype and Teams in the future.

With Teams landing among consumers and doing more, I’m sure more and more people will choose Teams. But we’re not going to be biased on this issue, and people still like Skype very much.

We take Facebook, for example, which has tools like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. And these applications and services continue to grow. They can operate with each other and do not forcibly migrate from one consumer tool to another.

Microsoft Teams and Skype will present a relationship in the future that, while they may overlap in functionality, provide users with a different experience. It’s like what Facebook does on Messenger and WhatsApp. So in the future we will enhance the interaction between these two products, and will continue to express our love to Skype users in the future.